Touch Free Wash

Our state of the art touch free wash bay has the latest, most advanced computerized 'LaserWash' equipment.

The cleaning power of the LaserWash 360 is raised to a new level with superior ability to cover your vehicle with soap by using a revolutionary new design. High pressure applications now include the ability to tilt to cover the back of side mirrors and arch oscillation to attack bugs from multiple angles.

Our computerized system actually measures the size of your vehicle with ultrasonic sensors, so that the High Pressure jets can be adjusted to the optimum distance and follow the actual contour of your vehicle. A two-step soap process eliminates dirt, and grime from your vehicle. Our high quality waxes and sealants are essential to good car care, and they are followed by a "Spot Free" water rinse.

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Precision Car Wash, Pearisburg, Virginia, USA.